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"Farias has the unique ability to make you long for the kind of hopeful and tragic experiences it takes to inspire this sort of creation."

- BuzzMusic

Valentino Farias, born in Chile, is a composer, pianist, and music producer. After studying Music Composition and Piano Arrangement in Santiago, he moved to the UK to pursue his musical career.

Valentino's passion for music is reflected in his eclectic range of sounds, which span from orchestral to synthetic and from jazz to rock. His personal work showcases his deep interest in experimentation, constantly pushing the boundaries of musical composition and production.

Valentino is also the founder and composer of Boccanegra, a musical project that reflects his pursuit of creativity without limits. The project merges different musical styles to create a unique and innovative sound.

Currently residing in Bristol, UK, Valentino continues to produce, compose and perform music that challenges the traditional boundaries of music.


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